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londovir- by iamsab


I was just reading through the summary of The Gathering over at Lurkers in preparation for the first challenge at thefiringline in January (hopefully I will be able to acquire the DVD around Christmas), and I came across this interesting tidbit:

Sinclair sends Garibaldi to ensure that Ambassador Londo will be at the early reception, "We don't want a repeat of what happened when G'Kar arrived."

The mind is compelled.

*plots and plans*


yes, what did happen?

I mean, Londo recognised him instantly from the vision, but as andrastewhite once wondered, did G'Kar think the reaction was due to him being a Narn, or due to his very own fearsome reputation (G'Kar having a big ego at that point)?
Well, the implication is that Londo was not there to greet him at the dock in a formal capacity (but met him later on). I'm sure BigEgo!G'Kar pitched a fit akin to the G'Quan'Eth incident, complete with threats of diplomatic reprisal. Poor Sinclair. *g* He was probably ready to have Londo's "plump Centauri ass" on a plate.

As for what happened when the two finally did meet, I'd probably go for the second of your two options. *g*