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londovir- by iamsab


I was just reading through the summary of The Gathering over at Lurkers in preparation for the first challenge at thefiringline in January (hopefully I will be able to acquire the DVD around Christmas), and I came across this interesting tidbit:

Sinclair sends Garibaldi to ensure that Ambassador Londo will be at the early reception, "We don't want a repeat of what happened when G'Kar arrived."

The mind is compelled.

*plots and plans*


yes, what did happen?

I mean, Londo recognised him instantly from the vision, but as andrastewhite once wondered, did G'Kar think the reaction was due to him being a Narn, or due to his very own fearsome reputation (G'Kar having a big ego at that point)?
Well, the implication is that Londo was not there to greet him at the dock in a formal capacity (but met him later on). I'm sure BigEgo!G'Kar pitched a fit akin to the G'Quan'Eth incident, complete with threats of diplomatic reprisal. Poor Sinclair. *g* He was probably ready to have Londo's "plump Centauri ass" on a plate.

As for what happened when the two finally did meet, I'd probably go for the second of your two options. *g*
Hee. I very much want to read this story. In adition to their reactions to each other (Londo's complicated by his vision) I wonder how the rest of the cast dealt with their very first shouting match? By the time we actually meet everyone, Sinclair and the rest have clearly realised that it's pointless trying to make peace between them, but they probably tried to do so in the beginning.
Well, I don't know that Sinclair could be considered "resigned." He continued to encourage Londo to use the resources available to him to forge some sort of workable peace throughout the first season. Each entreaty was increasingly weary, however.

Delenn was also relatively optimistic. "[Londo] never listens." "He will, in time."

There was, however, a certain expectation that they would be at the center of any diplomatic incident. *g*
I should have phrased myself more clearly there - I think that Sinclair (and the others) continue to believe that there can be peace between the Centauri and the Narn throughout Season One. They've just come to terms with the fact that insults are Londo and G'Kar's most natural form of communication *g*.

I imagine that took some getting used to at first. For some reason I have a mental image of Garabaldi explaining the figurative and literal meanings of 'getting along like a house on fire' to Delenn, along with the concept of sarcasm ...
Hee! Can't wait! *must rewatch The Gathering in preparation for her own*