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londovir- by iamsab

Listy, listy

Ten things I need to do:

1. Finish that Day of the Dead G'Kar AU.

2. Write a Quark fic.

3. Finish the "Seven Sins" challenge for Vir- at the very least, finish the six out of the seven for which I have, I believe, workable ideas. (Perhaps in the process, "Greed" will write itself. *g*)

4. Finish the Vir!Future!Fic for leyenn's anniversary challenge.

5. Finish "Formative Years" for Vir, Londo and G'Kar.

6. Write a Vir and Lennier future!fic in honor of deborah_judge.

7. Write a Londo and Garibaldi fic.

8. Write a Londo and Delenn fic.

9. Write a Vir and G'Kar fic.

10. Summon the bravery to write a Londo/G'Kar fic. *g*

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*in very small, Vir-like voice*

I just think the few scenes they have together- in A Voice in the Wilderness, in A Day in the Strife, Delenn's reflections on Londo in The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari, and Delenn's hug in Darkness Ascending, to name the stand-out scenes in my mind at the moment- are very interesting.