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londovir- by iamsab


Okay, all of you Niners out there: I need you to head over to soulonds9's LJ and bludgeon him with blunt instruments. I can't believe he's going to jettison his DS9 series simply because he can't get the Paramount imprimatur!

Great Maker! Does he consider all of my play in the B5 verse a waste of time? There's no way in hell my own weird notions will ever be endorsed by JMS, but that certainly doesn't stop me from noodling around on his playground (with proper respects paid, of course).

Go now! Tell him there's a major audience right here on the internet who will appreciate his effort, published or no.


Re: Well won't you be surprised...

I didn't mean to sound patronising, if that's how I came across - and I wish you luck with it. I hope we get to see the finished work someday. You should just realise that the Berman & Braga show have a pretty good monopoly going and don't really do unsolicited anything now (I believe Paramount as a whole stopped accepting unsolicited manuscripts during TNG, apologies that I don't recall exactly when). Your best bet would be to approach a literary agent, perhaps one who deals with Simon & Schuster already, who would obviously know much more than I do on such things.


I'm aware that Paramount doesn't take unsolicited manuscripts...it's going to require that I get an agent with ties to Paramount or Simon and Schuster who knows their way around and who is impressed with my work.

But I'm willing to try at least.