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Well, at least the fact that "Loyalty Day" dates from 1957 seems to be getting around this time.

Still, here is some required reading:

President Clinton - Loyalty Day 2000
President Clinton - Loyalty Day 1999
President Clinton - Loyalty Day 1998
President Clinton - Loyalty Day 1997

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Loyalty Day is, essentially, a Cold War relic that is marked these days by all presidents (no matter their party affiliation) with one innocuous public declaration of patriotism, then promptly forgotten. Each president puts his own spin on his Loyalty Day address, of course, but if you're imagining that we Americans somehow become extra jingoistic on May 1 - or that President Bush is somehow unique in his observance of this "holiday" - you are profoundly misinformed.

(Made public because I'm sick of the Loyalty Day bullshit being repeated every year.)
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