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Whee! I did it!

HobsonphileBro has decided to join LJ- he says he did it because he needs a beta reader who is not his best friend, Joe. *g* I just sent him the invite code now, so he shall be appearing shortly.

And while I'm here: Aieee! I am drowning in a litter of evil B5 plot bunnies! This should not be- this is International DS9 Month, damn it! But alas, the DS9 muses refuse to speak to me at the moment. :( I blame leyenn.

Also, I blame betareject (Another new invite of mine- wave to all the people, betareject! *g*). I was beta-ing a fic for her the other day, and we got to talking about the relationship between Londo and his father. Because of that, I already know what I'm going to submit to thefiringline when we get to The War Prayer- reflections of an old man who has just realized he has failed his troubled, bitter son (i.e., Londo)- an explanation of why he was crying when Londo found him. I will leave it to betareject to write the same scene from Londo's perspective, since she's already started... sort of. *g*

*basks in teh Londo luv*
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