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Cartagia the Mad- by tiamatschild

Timestamp Meme

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll tell you what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

(gakked from astrogirl2)

This is simply irresistible, but given the current state of my health, I can't guarantee that actual fic will be produced immediately. If you reply, tell me whether you want just a quick and (hopefully) clever summary now, a fic at some undetermined point in the future, or both.

What follows is a list of links to fics I've written since my invitation to LJ:

(made public and added to my memories for future reference)

Babylon 5
(all Vir-centered gen unless otherwise indicated)

Missing Light: Five Things that Never Happened to Vir Cotto
After Horrors Seen
Fathers and Sons (Londo)
Meetings in the Green
A New Assignment
Vigil (Vir/Lennier)
Formative Years
Silk and White Lace
Blood Is Thicker
Crisis Point
To Tear the Veil
While Bathing (Adult)
Counting the Living
The Last Place
I Travel
One (Adult)
Masquerade (added Oct. 2007)

(all Radar-centered gen)

Pearls (added Oct. 2007)
In the Woods
The Horse
Without Their Whispers
Mother's Day

(all Stark-centered gen)

Shreds of Heaven
And Still You Live

St. Elsewhere



I'll come up with an idea later, but I hadn't heard about the state of your health. I hope whatever it is, you're able to get better soon. I still owe you that hug for sending me the first season of SG:Atlantis this past Christmas. :)
Thank you for your well-wishes. My rheumatoid arthritis has been escalating of late - and on top of that, I still have not recovered from my Three Months of Continuous IllnessTM between August and October. Basically, I've spent most of the past few months feeling drained of the better part of my usual energy and have been scrambling to get it back.

I can't wait to see your idea, though. I'm in desperate need of some inspiration to get me back on my fannish feet.
*hugs* Sorry that you've been feeling so bad lately. I figured that was why I didn't see you at Dragon*Con this past year. I hope you can recover from this TMoCI (tm) and are able to attend the con next year. :)

I'm looking over your list and thinking which one I want to pick. I've been trying to get back into the fan fiction writing thing myself. I got thrown off track due to family problems.
Oh, I was at D*C - I just spent a lot more time sleeping in my room or watching DCTV. I didn't have enough stamina to attend more than a few events a day. :(

As for your being thrown off track, that's completely understandable. *hugs*
Well, I hope you're better for this year's D*C. Dunno yet if I'll attend, though. We'll see.
I hope so, too, and I hope to run into you there.

So, do you have a request for the meme?
"After Horrors", ten years later.
"I Travel" years later.