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Sick at home...

... but I have icons (like the new one at left) to entertain me, not to mention SEASON SEVEN of DS9, which just arrived yesterday. I know, I know- I really should make more comments on season six, but after watching Take Me Out to the Holosuite, I just can't control myself. My hacking, coughing self needed a pick-me-up and Holosuite certainly provided it. DS9 even manages to get pure silly humor exactly right- something I don't think even B5 ever did as well, the opening half of Sic Transit Vir (my guilty favorite, as regular readers know) aside.


I love suddenly!sixteen!Benji getting all hyped up and single-minded about a baseball game. And, amusingly enough, it's completely in character. Whether he's pursuing a traitor, looking for lost Bajoran cities, or testing ancient Bajoran space travel techniques, The Sisko does have a distinct inability to Let. Things. Go. So, while I don't know how other DS9 fans felt about Holosuite, I myself completely bought the idea that Sisko would get hyper-focused on an "adolescent rivalry" during a lull in his combat duties. Fun. ny. And very refreshing.

More comedy gold:

"We will destroy them." "Death to the opposition!"

Ben tells Kasidy to keep "the Solak story" under wraps. Naturally, Kasidy immediately tells the Niners.

"What flavor did you infuse it with?" "Scotch."

"Having a few bones knitted together isn't major surgery." "It is when those bones are in the back of your skull!"

"Ooh, did I forget to wear my spots today?" "All that intelligence and he still doesn't know what a human looks like."

"To manufactured triumph!"

And of course, Rom getting an RBI completely by accident. *g*


PS: Actually, while we're on the subject of silly, from One Little Ship:

"Let's not badger the chief."
"I'm sorry, Miles. That was very small of me."

PPS: Also, from In the Cards:

"Lions and Geigers and bears." "Oh my."

Okay, I promise, I'm stopping now. *g*
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