February 20th, 2006

Caligula Smirk- by pixelbee

On wank and the destruction of childhood:

grey_bard: What else deserves a little wank?
hobsonphile: Well, if we're going for innocent and happy... I totally want to see Mathnet wank, OMG.
grey_bard: I loved Mathnet!
grey_bard: That was my favorite show when it was on!
grey_bard: Like, what wank would you want?
hobsonphile: Hm. Maybe Kate vs. Pat?
grey_bard: Ah!
grey_bard: Yes!
grey_bard: And why Kate vanished!
grey_bard: "Omg unmarried pregnancy! Totally!"
grey_bard: "...."
grey_bard: "Glad she's gone the bad influence, her!"
grey_bard: Okay, that was lame
grey_bard: Better iteration?
hobsonphile: Hm.
grey_bard: "She totally left to pursue a movie career that never happened! hahahhahahaahh serves her right!"
grey_bard: "You made that up!"
grey_bard: "No I didn't!"
grey_bard: "Yes you did!"
grey_bard: "Did not!"
grey_bard: "Then where's your proof?"
grey_bard: "uh... Don't need any! Self-evident!"
hobsonphile: "No, dude, you've got it wrong. She got dumped because the guy playing George was macking with Pat behind the scenes."
hobsonphile: OMG, I can't believe I just wrote that.
grey_bard: Heh
grey_bard: Go with your inner wankstar!
hobsonphile: I have sullied my childhood memories.
grey_bard: Aww.
hobsonphile: As far as I'm concerned, those people were sexless. SEXLESS, I TELL YOU.