January 20th, 2006

mistakeworthmaking- by iamsab

Top Ten Signs You're Reading Fic By hobsonphile:

1) It's about Vir.

2) It's under 2000 words.

3) A strong friendship takes center stage.

4) With very, very few exceptions, sex doesn't exist. Or if it does, it's relegated to those moments after the fade-out.

5) Plot? What plot?

6) On the other hand, there is description - if the characters are sitting before a lavish feast, you'll probably be told what the main course smells like.

7) There is also angst. Somebody cries.

8) People blush a lot.

9) Friends touch each other a bit more than is strictly canon. This author likes platonic cuddling.

10) The story may end a little abruptly.

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