January 7th, 2006

Adama - Choices - by iconifer

I love BSG like burning and I have no self-control.

I have requested Saul Tigh* and the crew of the Pegasus** over at fanfic100. I'm going to die of fic this year if both of these claims are accepted. Fortunately, there are no deadlines.

Also, I may be running an Adama & Tigh ficathon in the near future on leadensky's urging. I won't be participating myself, mind. When I swore off ficathons, I meant it. But I'm willing to do the match-ups and such, since I have some experience and I'm just crazy enough.

(*I have rented Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf in preparation. *winks at selenak*)

(**Because how could I not? Col. Fisk's drinking sessions with Tigh are utterly fascinating. Cain - wow, but her mind would be something to explore. And the civilian engineer? When I think about the burden he might be carrying, I find myself rather at a loss for words.)

Note: I believe I have kept the above spoiler-free, but my overseas friends should tread carefully through the comments.
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