May 1st, 2005


Give Vir hugs!

Between writing a letter to Adira in firstseason!Vir's voice that is filled with so much sweetness and longing and baby wisdom that I just want to squeeze it and squish it and call it George and watching a fourthseason!Vir stand up to one of his worst nightmares, I got a wild hair and added a hug counter to Vir's profile page. And I expect him to be hugged regularly! (mosellegreen and spoonishly: Since Vir's info page spoils, you can click here to deliver hugs, I think. ;))

Meanwhile, I have started tentative work on the G'Kar/Chiana story I was not able to complete before the deadline for multiverse5000. In fact, I have the outlines of a plot already in mind:

Collapse )

How about that? mosellegreen and grey_bard seemed to like it when I shared the idea with them over AIM, but...