January 8th, 2005


2004 in Review

Rules: use the first line of your first entry for every month of 2004 to make a paragraph. Gakked from honorh:

I now officially declare January, 2004: International Babylon 5 Month! I want a GIP. leyenn has started a B5 ficathon and she needs us assorted Centauriphiles and nutballs to play too. Start Time: Midnight, American Eastern Standard Time, Friday Night. Here comes the Queen of Procrastination! I know why I'm having trouble with this Vir entry I'm writing. Jeez! What is it with Daniel walking right into dangerous situations? Is anyone else amused by the LJ notifications from months ago that we're suddenly getting in our mailboxes? I've been abandoned for karaoke. My Londo/G'Kar essay is up at ship_manifesto. I was voter number 99 at the Dale City Civic Center this morning. Because, um, some things have been added- and because I've been reminded of others- here is the new list in no particular order.

This actually made a strange amount of sense at first- until Daniel from SG1 intruded. *g*
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