December 1st, 2004


Fannish Checklist, Redux

Because, um, some things have been added- and because I've been reminded of others- here is the new list in no particular order:

My Burbank con report
A rant about Vir and the technomages
My Starkathon story
My Rygelthon story
My Londothon story
My John&Stark OTF Manifesto
My Londo&Vir OTF Manifesto
My essay on Pilot, due Dec. 6
My essay on Kira, due Dec. 10
My essay on Odo/Kira, due Jan. 25
My essay on Sisko, probably also due in January, though I haven't received confirmation (this is soulonds9's doing)
The Vir!Masturbation!Pr0n I've started thanks to you, oh readers of this journal
My second FS miniseries bunny- an apology for Stark
That missing scene from Into the Fire deborah_judge convinced me to write between Vir and Morden
Cartagia as a god in the style of Terry Pratchett
Vir and Lennier in Disney World
Revisit my old Boston Public WIP's to see if I can recapture a spirit

All of the above should prove a sufficient distraction from Recent Real Life Disasters that have made me feel like an invalid and a miserable failure. [/depressed bitching]