November 26th, 2004


Christmas Wish List

Gah. Am sick now. The nagging sore throat and cough I've had since Tuesday has mutated. To distract:

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I'm afraid I could only think of five:

Five Wishes

Plane tickets to FedCon next year so I can represent the mighty Centauri Republic with selenak.

The fourth season of Blake's 7 in any format available. I have the first on DVD, the third on video, and the second season on DVD will be arriving in January.

A Vir mood theme.

A design for a Stark Defense League t-shirt to be worn at future conventions.

More Stark/Zhaan fic. They should have their own category for the 2006 Sparky Awards.

ETA: Ah, I've thought of a sixth and seventh:

I need nice graphics for Enemies & Allies. The fanfiction there is excellent, but the graphics are ghetto. *g*

And I need graphics for a new site I want to open- a Stark/Zhaan site. This tactic seemed to work for the Centauri and the Narn afterall. I'm hoping "If you build the website, they will write" is a rule that generalizes to all fandoms. *g*

Second Edit: An eighth wish, inspired by redstarrobot:

I want Vir fic, damn it. I want andrastewhite to finish that post-Sic Transit Vir idea she had. And I want other fic too. I want to see other people besides me do Vir. 'Kay? *g*