August 31st, 2004



Because the short guy needs some love!

The format for your request should be as follows:

What you want:
What will surely make you reach for the spork:
You will hunt me down with a pitchfork if I force you to write:

Requests are due by September 10, 2004. Stories will be due October 15, 2004.

ETA: Minimum length is 500 words.

Please pimp the Rygel-thon far and wide!

Am I really mad enough to do two ficathons at once?


Yes, I am.

For the B5 fans in the audience...


Though he is quite possibly the richest tragic character on television, Londo Mollari has been largely neglected in fic. This ficathon aims to change that.

The format for your request should basically follow the Rygelthon format below, e.g.:

Name: hobsonphile
What you want: Londo and G'Kar, pre-And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place, discussing Londo's plan for dealing with Refa.
What will make you run screaming into the woods: Actually? Nothing. Not even tentacle pr0n. *g*
You will perform abdominal surgery on me without anesthetic if I make you write: On the other hand, while I'm perfectly happy to read tentacle pr0n, I don't think I can write it. *g*

(Just in case you're wondering, yes, that is actually my request for this ficathon. *g*)

Minimum length required is 500 words. Requests are due by September 15, 2004. The stories themselves will be due October 30, 2004.

It's time for fandom to face its fear of one of JMS's most challenging, most epic characters!