May 30th, 2004

londovir- by iamsab

Just for my own sick curiosity...

... I went through all of my previous work and did a little tally. Since my arrival on Live Journal (early Fall, 2003), I've written more than 34,197 words about Vir Cotto, 20,838 of which were written for theatrical_muse. I say more because that number doesn't even count any of my meta (either here or on other people's journals), nor does it count role plays (I think I'd go crazy trying to track every single one of those down *g*). We're talking straight stories/T_M entries here. I think if I actually had the patience to count the meta and role plays as well, my entire Vir!Opus would approach novel length.

Great Maker! She is obsessed! *g* I am without any doubt Vir's (and Stephen Furst's) number one fan.

So what is it about Vir, anyway? Well, the truth is, I don't really know. *g* Perhaps it's because I see Vir as a less daunting conduit to Londo, one of the greatest tragic characters in television history. Perhaps it's because I enjoy the opportunity to expand upon a likable- but, alas, often absent- supporting character. Perhaps, being young myself, there is something about Vir's innocence and confusion that resonates with me on a personal level. Perhaps, as soulonds9 once suggested to me, the past year of two jobs and crippling arthritis, both of which have limited my ability to get out and socialize with people, has made me lonely, and I just want my own personal Vir to cuddle up to and confide in. Perhaps it's because he's just so cute, I want to jump through the screen and pinch his cheeks every time I see him. I mean, come on. *g* *points to icon* And perhaps it's a little something of all of the above.

And having this sweet little Centauri living in my brain has started to influence me in positive ways. I am right now contemplating opening a correspondence with the troubled black sheep of our family, and I think Vir is responsible for that somehow. Because one of the most poignant messages you can take away from Vir's arc is how powerful friendship and love can be, even when there's seemingly no hope at all.