April 21st, 2004

londovir- by iamsab

I have tentative titles for each of G'Kar's "Five Things".

The first person to correctly guess the premises of each- well, the first four anyway, since I've already revealed the fifth- gets a virtual shag cookie. *g*

The Assassin
Death from the Inside
I Cannot Give
Hope Among the Living

Yes, a few of those are blinding obvious. *g* But still...

In other good news, my babficathon entry is starting to gell, so andrastewhite will not be forced to wait too much longer. *g*

The bonk on my head is no longer swollen- now it is simply a red conversation piece sitting right above and between my eyes.

Oh, and selenak and iamsab: We so have to RP Timov meeting G'Kar. Because you know they would gang up on Londo in an orgy of snark. I'm free tonight after 11 PM Eastern, tomorrow after 6 PM Eastern, Friday after 6PM Eastern, and Saturday after 8 PM Eastern.