March 4th, 2004

londovir- by iamsab

leyenn has started a B5 Ficathon...

... and she needs us assorted Centauriphiles and nutballs to play too. ;)


(andrastewhite: You can request not to be spoiled beyond And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place.)

Here was my entry for those who might be curious:


List Pairings: Argh! *wracks brain to narrow it down* Erm, okay. I'll go with the dares. As in, I dare any participant to write Londo/Vir without squicking me (as, I believe, selenak said once, there's an exception to every rule) and G'Kar/Vir (I howled with laughter when I first read that choice, but after ruminating over the idea over dinner, I want to see if G'Kar/Vir is even possible).

So, to summarize:

Pairing #1: Londo/Vir
Pairing #2: G'Kar/Vir

Wildcard: Shadow/Vorlon pr0n!

Characters: Londo, G'Kar

Squick for Vir Pairings: No raping or otherwise physically injuring Vir during the sex act, though emotional angst is okay. Humor, if you can fit it in, gets bonus points.

Squick for Shadow/Vorlon: None.

Spoilers: Bring it on, baby!


Pairings (in order of comfort): Vir/anyone except Londo, Londo/anyone except Vir, G'Kar/anyone, Garibaldi/Lochley (maybe)

Characters (in order of comfort): Vir, Londo, G'Kar

Squick: Don't feel quite ready to write NC-17.


Pairings: Susan/Marcus & Sheridan/Delenn (Ragh! Popularity! *melts like the Wicked Witch of the West*), Susan/Talia (can read but can't write- please don't hate me! ;)), Zack/anyone
Characters: Zack, Marcus, Talia *ducks to avoid wrath of pervy telepath fancier*, Lyta, Bester (he skeers me)

Yes, you did read that right. I requested Londo/Vir, G'Kar/Vir and Shadow/Vorlon all out of my own sick curiosity.

Now, off to work on my current writing assignments...