December 17th, 2003

londovir- by iamsab

Christmas cheer

I just pre-ordered season four of B5 using the money sent by my grandparents. The squee is, of course, a given. *g*

Meanwhile, selenak has written the sweetest little Londo and Vir Christmas-themed story it has ever been my pleasure to read. Go admire and luff it here. She makes both Vir and I cry and she uses Brother Theo to excellent effect, something that warms my Catholic heart.

There was also something else she did for which I neglected to praise her- she captured an essential personality trait of Londo's that does much to endear me to the character:

Collapse )

So the fact that Londo enjoyed whatever it was he did (which selenak assures us we don't want to know *g*) to get those singers together for Vir was very true to character. Bravo!