December 7th, 2003

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Random B5 thought

Before I get to the primary reason for this post, allow me to propose the following:

January 24, 2004, will mark the 10th anniversary of the premiere of Babylon 5. leyenn and I are conspiring to celebrate the date with wine, women, song and especially fic (I'll let her elaborate further on the anniversary fic challenge that is brewing on the Jumpy forum). But I think we should expand the celebration through the entire month of January- the Centauri in me, afterall, appreciates a long, festive holiday. *g* Just as the current month is International DS9 Month, I believe January, 2004, should be officially declared International B5 Month.

So what does everyone think? Do you suppose it will catch on? *g*

In any event, on to the post itself...

soulonds9 and I got to discussing Sleeping in Light and Vir's role in the episode in particular a little while ago for some reason I can't quite fathom. It was in the midst of a conversation that also included, among other things, Centauri spirituality and my opinions on what Vir might think and feel regarding the metaphysical, what Londo's childhood was like, and what Vir might be like as a father. You can blame the evil plot bunnies I mentioned a few posts ago for the generation of these wide-ranging topics. *g*

On the matter of Sleeping in Light...

Collapse )

Edited to add: ...that the above discussion also led me to conclude that I need to write a Londo and Garibaldi story and a Vir and G'Kar story.
londovir- by iamsab

It isn't about the sex

The best thing about LM/G'K is that, between Londo's attributes, G'Kar's pouch, and both characters' middle-aged alien-ness, there's no danger of this pairing being written merely out of lust. (Not to begrudge anyone else their enjoyment of PWP, but that is just not my glass of brivari.) You're damn well forced to consider character because sex isn't really the issue. At least, I don't think anyone in our fandom is seriously turned on by the prospect of tentacle/pouch porn. :O
londovir- by iamsab


Okay, all of you Niners out there: I need you to head over to soulonds9's LJ and bludgeon him with blunt instruments. I can't believe he's going to jettison his DS9 series simply because he can't get the Paramount imprimatur!

Great Maker! Does he consider all of my play in the B5 verse a waste of time? There's no way in hell my own weird notions will ever be endorsed by JMS, but that certainly doesn't stop me from noodling around on his playground (with proper respects paid, of course).

Go now! Tell him there's a major audience right here on the internet who will appreciate his effort, published or no.
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