September 5th, 2003

londovir- by iamsab

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"The Fall of Centauri Prime"

Grade: A+

There are so many enduring images in this episode: G'Kar and Londo clasping arms; Vir's confusion; Delenn's goodbye; the review of Londo's life; Londo's voice and the look on his face when he told Vir he was ready and the way he steeled himself before turning away from the window; Londo's walk through the rubble to the Centaurum amid the bells honoring the dead; and Londo in the darkened throne room, alone.

It seems almost appropriate that Londo would wear white. After "The Coming of Shadows", they changed Londo's costume to the black to reflect Londo's corruption, his inner darkness. Now he is firmly in the light- he has submitted himself to 15 + years of suffering and pain to atone for his own sins and the sins of his race. As JMS says in his commentary, "Londo sacrificed himself to save the lives of *billions.*" And thus he fulfilled the very thing Varn, previous guardian of the Great Machine, had seen in Londo many years before- the capacity to sacrifice oneself for a loved one, a friend, or a cause.

Peter Jurasik's acting is absolutely *stellar* in this episode. He has always excelled in conveying Londo's emotion through his face, and "The Fall of Centauri Prime" is no exception. I *feel* Londo's anguish and all the other conflicting emotions as he prepares to take the throne, I *feel* his disgust at looking upon the Keeper, and I completely break down when I see his utterly broken expression in the end.

As promised, here is my essay on the Londo and G'Kar romance. *g* It is a compilation of things I've said in various emails plus some new thoughts.

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This has been posted in an update of Enemies and Allies along with an essay and the Timov story by selenak and a Vir story by neuralclone.