August 19th, 2003

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DS9 revisited and Episode #5 in the Era of No Vir

Netflix finally came through for me with the DS9 DVD's I cued for rental. Unfortunately, I got the third disc of the first season set first, so I'm being forced to watch these episodes again out of order. It's not terribly disruptive at this point in the series, but still...

Tonight I sat down and watched "The Passenger" and "Move Along Home." Neither of these episodes were especially noteworthy- "Move Along Home" was just plain silly in fact- but both were at least watchable. One thing I was delighted to notice this time was that Caitlin Brown, the first and best Na'Toth, had a guest appearance in "The Passenger." Whoo hoo! Go Na'Toth! Oh, and I had completely forgotten how arrogant Dr. Bashir really was this early on- it was kind of jarring. I loved Kira's sarcastic response to his bragging. "I feel privileged to be in your presence." Hee.

Let's see, other comments? Well, Quark and Odo are totally married. I always enjoy watching them spar. I also appreciated the tension the writers maintained between the Bajoran and the Federation officers. Odo gets a new Fed partner in "The Passenger," and it was so nice to see that Odo did not respond to this happily. And it was wonderful that they took pains to capture Kira's silent put-off reaction to this Fed security officer invading Odo's turf. Maintaining this conflict was something that Voyager, which also involved the melding of two very different crews, failed to do.

Now on to this morning's B5 episode...

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londovir- by iamsab

Things get creepy: Episode #6 in the Era of No Vir

Let me tell you what a relief it was to finally get my hair cut today. It is fine and naturally curly, which means that when it is longer than shoulder-length, it is impossible to manage. Bleh. I also changed doses on my arthritis medications again today- we'll see how I feel in the morning. Lately, I've been waking up with some early morning stiffness, but that seems to pass as the day goes on.

I watched the other two episodes on the DS9 DVD tonight- "The Nagus" and "The Vortex." "The Nagus," of course, was the early Quark vehicle, and it was far more watchable than later Ferengi-centered outings. (Although Zek's voice still manages to shatter my ear drums.) Not that I have anything against Quark, Rom, or Nog as characters. Each of these three had some wonderful moments throughout the course of the series- just not in the Ferengi-centered episodes. Unfortunately, the Ferengi as a race gradually became a ludicrous parody of themselves. The evolution of Rom and Nog from bumbling or illiterate sidekicks to accomplished characters in their own right was quite lovely however. And Quark's outsider view of the Federation was frequently very illuminating. "The Vortex," meanwhile, was the first Odo origin story, and it sets up Odo's yearning for knowledge about his heritage quite nicely.

As for Babylon 5, the plot thickens...

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