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londovir- by iamsab

Wow! A new nifty B5 community to start in January!

Witness the coolness at The Firing Line.

This makes me wonder if there's a DS9-specific drabble community. If not, I will start one.

Edited to add... that I consider the tentacle porn comment here to be a shout-out to me, andrastewhite, selenak and any others who have publicly wished for pairings including Londo (especially the so-obvious-it-writes-itself Londo/G'Kar *g*).


Re: Ursa/Londo?

To show my utter geekness: The friend of Kirk's was probably Gary Mitchell, since in the very first episode, he was established with best friends credentials (this was before McCoy showed up, and pre-bonding with Spock), and Kirk had to kill him as he got megalomaniac when able to access an alien superpower. All very angsty.

Yes, that would be the man in question. Thank you for putting my curiosity to rest *g*.

One important bit of information, the only one I recall, comes in season 5's The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari when we find out that Londo's very first marriage, the one to the nameless dancer, which he gave a humorous spin for Garibaldi's benefit in season 1, did in fact end because his family insisted on it ("I died again that day"), not because he fell out of love the next morning, and that he's still deeply ashamed he gave in.

Aha! I wondered at the time if Garabaldi was getting the real story there, so I'm delighted to hear that I'd guessed there was more to it.

This being the case, I may be able to write the story I have in my head sooner rather than later, provided I'm fairly vague about life on Centauri Prime and find a beta reader to tell me what I'm doing wrong ...

Re: Ursa/Londo?

Well, between hobsonphile and my humble self, you'd have grateful Centauriphile betas all over you, I'm sure.