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My fandom filters are now operational.

For those who did not VOTE: I made some educated guesses for some of you. If, in the future, you decide you have been sorted in error, please leave a comment here.

Those whom I've recently met on ultmash: You have been sorted into the M*A*S*H filter automatically.


May I request an icon from M*A*S*H? I don't know the episode name, but it is the first one that Colonel Potter was in. There is a scene where Radar is sitting outside with a piece of metal under his chin, sunning himself. I'd like it to say *relaxed*. Does that make sense? I'm not in any hurry. Thanks, mucho.
Ohh...another thot. How about another icon a few scenes later when Radar is trying to cover himself and salute at the same time. Trouble is, I can't think what to have it say...*stressed* or *alert* ...any ideas?
Lucky for you, I just bought that season today. ;) I should have some icon possibilities ready for you by tomorrow.
Okay, how are these?


I love them! Thanks so much. You da bomb!