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Now I dead from M*A*S*H.

I stayed up all night last night watching the final disc of the fourth season and the first disc of the fifth season. It's fortunate Friday is my day off, because dude, my eyes are glazing over.

Some 38th Parallels

Radar: "I was just walking by, and I noticed this gizmo came disconnected from the thingamabob, and it wasn't dripping into the doohickey right."
BJ: "You lost me with all the technical terms, Radar, but I get the picture."

Potter: "Enlisted men have feelings, you know."
Frank: "I keep forgetting that, sir." Well, try to remember, you putz.

Radar: "When's the last time you felt like crying, sir?"
BJ: "What time is it?"

OMG RADAR & BJ LOVE FOREVER. Wow, do I love this episode. It hurts so much to see how badly Radar wants to contribute. And it hurts even more to watch him become invested so quickly only to be slammed by tragedy when he least expects it. No, sweetie, it's not fair.


The Novocaine Mutiny

I love Radar's story re: ol' uncle Ernest.

Radar: "Is this all right, sir?"
Presiding Colonel: "Is what all right?"
Radar: "How I'm sitted?"
Presiding Colonel: "You're sitted fine." Radar!English is LOVE. (Radarish? Radlish? I really should come up with a good term for that.)

And Radar!Logic also rules. Of COURSE a priest would be tempted to steal bibles and crucifixes. Hee.

Frank running his fingers through Klinger's underwear - ha. The perv.

Radar: "He's a guinea pig!"
Frank: "Oh, who cares."
Radar: "They do!"

OMG, Frank's version of events - especially all the GLINTING - was hilarious. But I find myself somewhat unsatisfied with how things played out in the end. Frank's an ass, but Hawkeye escaped a leetle too easily. I am just post-modern enough to be resistant to the idea that the ostensible hero of the piece is necessarily a 100% reliable narrator.

Smilin' Jack

BJ: "We were just talking about fear."
Radar: "That's my best thing."

Awww, Radar giving the soldier his four-leaf clover. They need to continue with the whole "Radar befriends the patients his own age" trend. Also: OMG, Radar was run over by a jeep? Dude, some of the things they slip randomly into conversation are rather alarming.

The More I See You

Radar's impersonations! Especially the turtle! Heeeee.


Radar: (while trying to see through his broken glasses) "Now I know how a fly feels." Hee. Poor Radar.


EARTHWORMS. And pleading for help for the civilians. And the one TV in the Grange House that's 2 hours away by Chevy and 1 hour on foot. Mid-Twentieth Century Rural Iowa is Love. I can't wait to start writing about it.

Bug Out

Aw, OF COURSE Radar wants to take his animals with him.

Potter: "I'm starving. I'd even settle for one of Radar's armpit sandwiches." ROTFL armpit sandwich. I just love how perfectly natural it was for Radar to offer that to Potter. The quality of the food, after all, is not high on his list of concerns. And that pretty much reminds me of every kid I've ever known. *g*

Margaret's Engagement

Ha. Potter knows Radar eavesdrops.

Frank: "What has he got that I haven't got?"
Margaret: "Lips?"

Frank: "No fair hitting, Margaret!"

Radar!Logic again, calling Frank's mom.

Leaving Frank is the best thing Margaret's ever done for herself, even if the whirlwind courtship that has replaced The Frank ThingTM is somewhat sketch. Whenever she's away from Frank, she's actually a person.

Lt. Radar O'Reilly

I feel like there should be a fic - a fic featuring Radar and Frank entitled "Class Warfare." "Short, near-sighted, uneducated," and "lower class" indeed.

This episode was adorable, though I have to wonder what in the world possessed BJ to make the tongue-in-cheek promotion suggestion in the first place. Which is not to say that Radar doesn't deserve recognition for his diligence, but dude - the poor little thing is just too nice to order people around. And also too young, as the spit fight with Klinger demonstrates. *g*

The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan

The childbirth class! Hee.

Dear Sigmund

Radar's "we regret to inform you" letter is wonderful - very heartfelt and simple. I love him.

Mulcahy's War

Much, MUCH love for Radar, Mulcahy, and this whole episode of love. It continues to amuse and touch me to no end that Radar, despite the fact that he's worked in a hospital for some time now, still gets jelly-knees at the sight of blood. And Mulcahy's devotion-born bravery is wonderful.

And just as a reminder, you have one more day to vote in the great fandom filter poll. If you don't VOTE, you will be excluded from my new fandom fiters.
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