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Radar and Henry Hug

THIS, on the other hand, IS M*A*S*H spam.

Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?

Blessing the teddy! Radar's so innocent, it hurts.

Dear Peggy

Mulcahy in the jeep! Hee. Much, much love for Mulcahy.

Radar to Mulcahy: "That was really neat. Especially that scary part about going to hell."

Potter: "We order rectal thermometers, we get spark plugs - both useful items, but hardly interchangeable." Given that my father's office in the Pentagon went without printer paper for several weeks not too long ago while they waited for the supply order to go through channels, I find this show's skewering of military bureaucracy amusingly accurate.

The Gun


"Now you leave this tent exactly how you found it!" "You got it!" And he messes everything up again. Hee. Poor Radar.

John Wayne impression! *dies* Wow, that was scary.

Radar: "Sir, I have something to report that I wish I could do anything else instead of but which I guess I got no choice."
Hawk: "Radar, if you bring that sentence in for a fitting, I can have it shortened by Wednesday."

"I'll be a hardened crinamal!" I love that whole Drunk!Radar scene with Klinger.

Potter tucking Radar in - and remembering the teddy! He so wins.

"My bear went off!" ROTFL.

Radar and Potter trading glasses! *dies again of terminal adorableness*

Mail Call Again

Oh my god, now a Cagney impression!

Hawk: "We like Radar, Frank. He's soft and cuddly - and almost housebroken."

Potter to Frank: "I'd watch that dimwit talk. Your bulb's been out since I met you."

Potter to Klinger: "Every time you tell a lie, your nose gets smaller."

Radar's home movies! And he starts crying! *cuddles Radar*

The Price of Tomato Juice & Dear Ma

See above re: Radar's heartbreaking earnestness. Also, I love his teeny, tiny pencil. Yes, I know that's totally random, but I don't CARE.

Abyssinia, Henry - A Review in Pictures

This would be about when I started crying:

Drunk!Radar & Drunk!Henry:

I love this shot:

I didn't even make it to the announcement. I was GONE here:

And then the show finished me off:

And now from the montage:

Henry Blake, RIP

This was the moment I realized I loved Henry:

Henry is Love in large part because of his HAT - his hat with those FISHING LURES:

Still my favorite shower scene (Though it was pretty funny when Mulcahy hopped in with a naked Radar to avoid a sniper bullet - "I'll be out in a minute, Father." Hee. Likewise, the little "kissing" scene between Radar and Hawkeye in WtK was adorable.):

You don't learn a blessed thing at Henry's sex lectures, but you are entertained:

He may be clumsy, but oh, Henry's dress uniform is aces:

And now I'm done. For the time being, at least. *g*


Didn't I tell you that Col Potter was the schizznit?

As for the military supply system, one of my Leading Petty Officers accidently ordred an MX Missle controller card. Evidently, the NSN is not that different than a 1/2 globe valve (which are probably second only to lightbulbs in abundance on ships). This got all the way up the chain of command and to the navy supply center before some SKC figured out that CVN-75 was not an authorized recipient of MX Missle Controller Cards. He, of course, sent a letter back asking why the Truman's Reactor Mechanical Division needed one. Still, it scares me that we were one chief away from having it loaded on a truck and sent out.

If Iran wants nukes, they don't have to go through all this fuss. Just have them request a Polaris missle from the navy supply system.
Still, it scares me that we were one chief away from having it loaded on a truck and sent out.

Yikes! Well, that just proves the general rule that the combined IQ of any bureaucracy is halved with every level added.
You are adorable, too.

Plus, you do win! I love your early fandom induction techniques at school.
They do tell us to encourage our ESL students to - among other things - watch TV. *g*
Favorite Radar line in "The Gun": "I'll go in in my puberty, and I won't get out until my adultery!"

Also, I *love* Col. Potter's introductory episode. The way they're all so sure he spells doom (especially after he actually succeeds in making Klinger dress in his uniform), but then there's that lovely scene in the OR that makes them realize he's okay.

And then Radar brings him the horse! Aww!
Favorite Radar line in "The Gun": "I'll go in in my puberty, and I won't get out until my adultery!"

Hee. Yes!

And then Radar brings him the horse! Aww!

Oh, God - I just love how Radar totally upstages Frank and Margaret just by being his kind-hearted, eager-to-please self. And the hope in his eyes as he waits for Potter's reaction - awwwww. *sniffles*
All right. That's it. *breaks down and adds M*A*S*H to Netflix queue* :)
Yaaay! *g*