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See - I told you I was going to make that line an icon.

And iamsab, you were right about EVERYTHING.

Frank, you ass, you really terrorized Radar in the interim, didn't you? I've never seen the little guy that afraid to break the rules before. He looks like he's about to throw up from nerves in the officers' club in Welcome to Korea, poor thing. I do approve of the whole BJ, Hawkeye, and Radar Show idea, though. Yes, very much so. Especially when it involves Radar running into mine fields, the crazy kid. I love him.

Actually, no, on second thought, Potter would have to be included, too. I liked him from the beginning, but he really won me over with The Head Pat. Aw.

Also, The Bus makes me cry a little bit because Radar is sweet and, as I said above, crazy-brave as anything to wander off alone into a strange forrest in the middle of the night to look for help because he feels guilty for no reason. *cuddles Radar*

ETA: I just watched Dear Mildred, and: *cries*

ETA II: Oh my god, Radar singing that lullaby! *cries again*
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