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Dot Dot Dot - by tudor_colours

Oh. OH.

Gary Burghoff has killed me dead. He is simply beautiful and wonderful as Radar, and as soon as I've screen-capped the first three seasons here, there's going to be picspam celebrating the aforementioned wonderfulness.

And McLean Stevenson? He's getting picspam, too. Just you wait.

* House Arrest - I melt when Radar puts those shoes on, stands up, and says, "I'm a real person!" That's such a sad line. Good on Hawkeye for being a proper big brother and telling Radar that he's fine the way he is. "Sell those shoes to someone little." Aw.

* Aid Station - It's so sweet how Radar worries himself almost sick in this episode. I nearly wept at the cuteness of him meekly telling Trap that he's lonely and then crawling into Hawk's bunk. And not only does he bring his teddy with him, he asks for a NIGHTLIGHT. As I was telling iamsab over chat, Radar seems to reinvent adorable every time I conclude that he can't possibly get any cuter. Also: Is it just me, or is Radar really close to tears when he tells Henry that Hawk, Klinger, and Margaret made it through all right and are coming back? Awwww.

* Love and Marriage - I love Radar's panic ("Right here?! In front of ME?!") on the bus when the Korean woman goes into labor. "It's a natural process!" "SO'S FAINTING!" And the way he gradually backs up into the most distant corner of the bus and, when Hawk lifts up the woman's skirt, throws his arms up over his head crying, "NO, DON'T DO THAT! OH MY GOD!" - HAHAHAHAHA. *thud* Damn the little guy's luck, being assigned to a hospital. ;)

* Abyssinia, Henry - .......................

See above re: GB and MS killing me dead. Never mind the famous final scene - I'm GONE by the time Radar gives Henry the keychain and Henry wells up. And then there's Drunk!Radar, who is so cute with his giggling and his swaying and his slurry "I traced your body when you were asleep", which is so becoming another icon no matter what anyone else says. And then - oh, oh, OH - there is Radar saluting Henry on the pad and trying not to cry, and Henry realizes that he can't just leave without hugging Radar, so he comes over and he DOES, and you can tell that just makes Radar want to cry even MORE, but he DOESN'T, and he just looks so dignified at attention. And I just totally wrote a run-on sentence, but I don't CARE, because then there is that final scene, which GB plays with utter perfection, and when Radar walks out of that OR, I just want to crawl into bed with him and squoosh him and tell him it's OKAY to cry because he has just lost one of his BEST FRIENDS. And then there is the Henry montage, and:


Thank goodness iamsab was online and consoling me during those final tragic moments.

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