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The Rabbit Promise

"No more hells, damns, and especially not the big one." (Guess *g*)

Semi-Weekly Radar in Bullet Points:

* Adam's Ribs - "My mouth is tone deaf."

* A Full, Rich Day - The image that will stick with me here is of Radar in a toga hunched over the steering wheel of a jeep and stewing. "Nobody better say nothing to me!" Hee. Good, you listened to me when I told you to get angry more often.

* Mad Dogs and Servicemen - The prayer to God! And the zoo! I knew about the zoo before today due to some searching of the internets, but still! Radar has now officially passed one of Hobsonphile's Tests of CompatibilityTM, namely: Will he like my cat? Yes! As a matter of fact, he has some of his own at home! And I just love how resigned Henry is to it all. Though I suppose Henry's pretty much resigned to everything. *g*

Also: Margaret loves Radar. Aw. And Henry so did want to climb into bed with him.

* Private Charles Lamb - Awww. And that's pretty much it. I got nothin' else. *g*

* Bombed - "If something happened to Colonel Blake, I don't know what I'd do!" *gulp*