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Dot Dot Dot - by tudor_colours


It looks like I will be watching Abyssinia, Henry for the first time at around 10 P.M. Eastern on Thursday night. Will anyone be available to hold my hand?

*whimpers softly*


Radar, put a mask on!!

I will be. *g* Everyone needs help the first time. WAIT till you get to GFA, dude. Though you've still got...eight seasons to go. In fact, you've got all sorts of things to do before then, like meet BJ! And Col. Potter! Mmmm.

I'll be here, anyway. E-me or holler for me on AIM. *g*

Re: Radar, put a mask on!!

Everyone needs help the first time.

Yes, I'm sure - though I think I may need more help than your average everyone. You have been watching me watch this show, right? You did see the part where I fell ass-over-tea-kettle in love with Radar and Henry, right? It was completely and utterly unavoidable given my personality, but:



Re: Radar, put a mask on!!

I have been watching and squeeing and watching you watch. And there is no one within 1000 miles of here who couldnt'a guessed you'd fall hard for Radar. *g*

You'll need to do some adjusting to the S4/5 cast (my favorite cast!) but I think you will learn to love Potter and BJ the way the rest of us do -- and Radar still maintains his crush on Hawkeye (and BJ!) throughout. Then starting in S6 we get Charles Winchester in place of Frank Burns, and it becomes a whole other show. I mean. The Charles show is good too, but I recommend enjoying the HELL out of S4 and S5 before saying goodbye to Frank for good. Mmm, Frank.

Also, Larry Gelbart, the creator, leaves after S4, so you start seeing some writing differences in S5 and beyond.

It's also important to know -- is this a spoiler? -- that S8 is Radar's last season, though there are 11 seasons. In 9, 10 and 11, Klinger is company clerk and Radar is...well, you'll find out. *g*

Re: Radar, put a mask on!!

I am spoiled ALL TO HELL, so no need to tread lightly. I know my baby leaves, and I know that THINGS CHANGE, but I have an open mind. *g*

Re: Radar, put a mask on!!

GOOD, okay. Keep your mind open! Colonel Sherman T. Potter is MAGNIFICENT and a HERO. And things do change, but that's what happens when you have an 11-year run for a series based on a 3-year war. *g*

Re: Radar, put a mask on!!

On a slightly different note, I now have a SCREEN CAPTURE PROGRAM and I've FIGURED IT OUT. Which means I get to make Radar caps, yay!

That episode broke my heart, too. You just can't kill of Henry- he was always one of those goofy, larger-than-life guys that just /can't/ die.

And then you understand- yes, they can- when they're gone. And that's how it goes.

It reminds me of one of my favourite books, "The Road Home," based in 'Nam. But that's a totally different story. XD
I still can't watch this episode without bawling my eyes out at the end.