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"Cut it out, sir! I'm no scared-er than you are!" (M*A*S*H - well, Radar at least *g*)

It's fortunate cuteness can't actually kill you. If that were so, I'd be stiff.

My personal favorites from tonight's eight episode set:

Officer of the Day

Love Radar flipping out when the bugle is fired out of his hand. Love Radar getting upset when his teddy disappears. Love Radar being too shy to undress in front of Hawkeye. Love Hawk teasing him: "Go ahead, get sore. I love it when those little wisps of steam come out of your tiny ears."


Two words: Radar courting. *dies*

"Tanning your tonsils, Radar?"


"I love chocolate - even though it makes my face break out."
"Mine, too. I mean, uh, it did before I turned into a man."

(I had to stop the DVD to recover after the above exchange.)

And oh my God, Radar actually excuses himself after reading "damn" in that poetry book. And oh my God, his FACE when Simmons jumps him.


"I-I think I've been slaked!" With the FACE again.

And, of course, one must not forget Radar's Scarf of Suave-idityTM. Hee.

Check Up

Radar is ticklish! That just makes a lot of sense. *g*

Love Radar touching Henry's nose instead of his own. Love the forty layers of clothing:

"Radar - there is a you under there, isn't there?"
"I'm getting to me, sir."
"Somebody naked scare you once?"
"My folks never took their clothes off, sir. They said that the skin was the devil's slipcover." Hee!

Love the anchor tattoo. Hee again.

And lastly, I love Radar giving Henry a handkerchief after the aborted call to Henry's wife in Life With Father. Awww.

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