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Stephen Squee- by radak

Doctor Who in America - Yet Another Flash Reaction

Color me very pleased. I love Nine's energy, and the writing is quite clever. It will certainly be interesting to watch this series and the Key to Time series concurrently (for the curious, I've watched through The Pirate Planet so far). Yes.


I adore Nine -- I also love the glimpses of deep sadness we get to see. And how cool was the tree lady (can't remember her name)!
Tree lady? I don't think I've gotten that far.
She was in the second episode they showed on Friday. Jabe -- very cool and pretty.
D'oh! I didn't record that one.
oh no! Definitely need to see it -- we start to learn about Nine's history...
I'm dl-ing it now.

That'll teach me to look at the schedule more carefully.
Okay, now I've caught up. Yes, Jabe was quite gorgeous. And, uh, I also cried a few times. Nine and Rose definitely have me sold.
Yeah -- I agree completely. That was one heck of an episode. You're not the only one who cried :)
It's not only the tragic undercurrent that impresses me - it's also the anger. I mean, the cold fury that impels him to beam back the "bitchy trampoline" (heh) just for the purpose of watching her die quite gruesomely is... well, I just hope we see more of that.
Oh definitely! I do love the way this show is so much more 'grown up' than I remember earlier incarnations being. I never expected to really be a Dr. Who fan, but I am!