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Liberty- by kcwriter

My favorite SG1 scene:

"But twenty-five years later, he got up one morning and he looked at that picture. And he saw something that wasn't horrific. And he decided to tell the story because he realized that he hadn't accidentally taken a picture of a man dying. It was of a man saving his life."

This scene is the only scene in the entire series that makes me bawl like a little girl, and I'm not precisely sure why.


I may have to start watching this. All I've seen was the movie.
The television show is definitely better than the movie. And while I wouldn't say that SG1 is the most probing sci-fi series out there - and while I would add in a caution that in recent days, it's been showing signs of its long run - it is pretty enjoyable most of the time. In general, I'm willing to give it a (slightly qualified) thumbs up.

The above moment, though? Definitely one of SG1's finest. Somebody on the writing staff takes the military seriously, and for me, that is certainly a point in the show's favor.
On a more lighthearted Stargate note, have you seen Stargate Cantina? http://youtube.com/watch?v=upzk3r18Dow It's amazingly fabulous.

Someone filked about Starwars to Barry Manilow's "Cococabana", and then someone vidded Stargate SG-1 to it, slotting characters into different Star Wars roles. I am not giving away too much to say that Bra'tac has a juicy role as Obi-Wan.
LMAO! That is the most brilliant thing ever. Teal'c as Chewbacca! Thor as Yoda! Heeeee!