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Awwww. Radar is so cute, I can hardly STAND it.

"Uh, I had maybe two beers, and I was looking for trouble. I wanted to get a tattoo, but the guy had printed 'Mother' so many times, he'd run outta ink."

Seriously, Radar's quite possibly the most adorable virgin EVER. All the nurses at the 4077th are stark raving bonkers - I'd take him out on a date in a heartbeat.

And just in case you in the audience are wondering: Yes, I do realize there are other characters on the show. *g* As a matter of fact, I am currently grappling with the possibility that I'm a Frank "I ain't no queer" Burns slasher. Because he IS in the closet, I just know it. The way he reacts when that major (apparently) propositions him over the phone - and the way he loudly - almost desperately - objects to any hint of "perversion" - really makes me suspicious.

I also get Margaret - and hope that I will see more of her interacting with the other nurses in the future. Because I really think the stridency comes from a genuine desire to be treated as a professional - and as an individual with the freedom to choose just who gets to put his hands on her and when.

But anyway, back to the show. Ta!
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