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Yes, I know I'm the last person in the United States of America to have discovered this show, but:

If I were more self-centered, I would think the writers of M*A*S*H knew somehow that I was going to be born in six years and therefore wrote beautiful gobs of Radar & Henry just for me. I have cried twice - TWICE - today over them because they are beautiful together the way Londo and Vir are, and you can tell they both don't know quite what to do with that. (And I'm not making that comparison lightly - you all know how much I love Londo & Vir.)

I wish I knew how to fiddle with LJ layouts. If I did, I would jump at the chance to make a father-son header featuring both of the aforementioned relationships, because father-son ampersand is turning out to be my number one kink - especially when tiny Korean babies are involved.
Tags: babylon 5, m*a*s*h

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