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Stephen Squee- by radak


For those who have been to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, more than once:

Do you head straight for the "Beginning of Life" exhibit just so you can watch the CHON movie again? And giggle? And even squee a little bit?

Just me then?

Seriously, that is the best film strip ever. The elements, molecules and cells dance and sing. They need to put it on DVD and sell it in the gift shop, because I totally cannot properly describe the experience of CHON in print.

"C, H, O, N! C, H, O, N! Chon, chon, chon, chon, chon, chon-chon..."

*dances* *shakes bum*


I saw that thing once, something like 15 years ago...

And I've never forgotten it. Extremely cool.