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Seven Unpopular Fannish Opinions

...because I couldn't think of ten. *g*

1. Perhaps it is a little too early to guage the fandom in this instance, but I have a feeling that I'm already setting myself up to be the minority voice regarding Eliza Dushku's new show, Tru Calling. (Those of you who do not have easy access to recent U.S. television can click here to read up on the show. I think the premise has promise at least- we shall see if that promise is fulfilled. Presuming, of course, that the show lasts.) Why? Because the fourth episode has come and gone and I'm already totally wedded to the idea of Tru/Davis. I heart Davis and his socially inept weirdness. And after tonight's episode, I am even more convinced that there is more there than meets the eye- that Davis is connected to Tru's power in some way.

2. Not to echo selenak but: Londo/G'Kar by far surpasses Sheriden/Delenn as the true great romance of Babylon 5. Of course, I've already yakked about this here. *g* (Note: andrastewhite and others who are still watching B5 should not click the link- spoilers abound!)

3. Marcus Cole is too pretty to be interesting. See me go on at length on this subject in a reply to wychwood here.

4. And speaking of pretty: I think Vir/Stephen Furst is attractive post-weight loss- and I'm not talking about inner beauty.

5. I think Vice Principal Scott Guber on Boston Public was right more often than not. I'm sure tresjolie9 can tell you all about the major kerfluffles I used to get into with other BP fans. *g*

6. One for HobsonphileBro, who is a big-time Friends fan: Joey/Rachel is my OTP. (On this, HobsonphileBro and I are in agreement and both of us are in a tiny minority.)

7. Chicago Hope did not tank after Mandy Patinkin and David E. Kelly left the show (it did tank a few years later). In fact, I was a little irritated that the first season of CH was All. About. Geiger.

Just a little meme-sheeping on my night off. *g* After a fourteen-hour work day on Tuesday and a sixteen-hour work day yesterday, I'm dead on my feet.

I have two jobs at the moment- the one at Kohl's and my day job. I took the seasonal position at Kohl's both to help pay off some of my outstanding debt and to get me through the holiday season in one financial piece.

Speaking of Kohl's... why don't department stores play the good holiday music during the Christmas shopping season? Why don't they play "I Wonder As I Wander" or other carols of a similar tone? If I have to hear one more rendition of "Sleigh Ride," I think I may shoot the loudspeaker.
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