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Radar & Teddy

On trying not to love Henry Blake because you know he's going to DIE:

While I think of summaries for those of you who replied to the previous:

hobsonphile: I am totally spoiled for this show. I also know Blake's going to die end of year 3.
hobsonphile: But for that, I think it's better that I know now so I can prepare.


hobsonphile: I'm sitting here going, "Don't get too attached! Don't get attached, damn it! Why aren't you listening to me, heart?!"
grey_bard: Awww!
hobsonphile: Because he has a hat with FISHING LURES.
hobsonphile: <3
hobsonphile: And Radar loves him kind of a lot.
grey_bard: Awww
hobsonphile: And it's NOT FAIR, because a latrine blew up around him and he SURVIVED and looked cute.
grey_bard: Poooor Hobson
grey_bard: How could you resist?
hobsonphile: You CAN'T. Hence, my dilemma.



Though Potter's a real honey too.