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Radar & Teddy

On trying not to love Henry Blake because you know he's going to DIE:

While I think of summaries for those of you who replied to the previous:

hobsonphile: I am totally spoiled for this show. I also know Blake's going to die end of year 3.
hobsonphile: But for that, I think it's better that I know now so I can prepare.


hobsonphile: I'm sitting here going, "Don't get too attached! Don't get attached, damn it! Why aren't you listening to me, heart?!"
grey_bard: Awww!
hobsonphile: Because he has a hat with FISHING LURES.
hobsonphile: <3
hobsonphile: And Radar loves him kind of a lot.
grey_bard: Awww
hobsonphile: And it's NOT FAIR, because a latrine blew up around him and he SURVIVED and looked cute.
grey_bard: Poooor Hobson
grey_bard: How could you resist?
hobsonphile: You CAN'T. Hence, my dilemma.


You're going to need prayer when you see the Sea of Japan finale for Henry Blake. As I heard it, the *cast* didn't know the actor had been written out of the show. TPTB shot the goodbye scene, then told the actors what had been decided for the storyline's end, and then shot the actors in the short reveal tag while the shock was still fresh to them. Only a little bit of 'acting' in their faces, iirc.

Don't love Henry! He's doooomed. Love, umm, Winchester - later on.
I KNOW. I loved Henry, and I almost didn't realize how much until he...he...was GONE...*Breaks into dramatic!sobs*

Though Potter's a real honey too.