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Cartagia the Mad- by tiamatschild

A fannish meme from astrogirl2:

In the past, memes like this have always resulted in wicked plot bunnies, so:

If you give me one or more titles of stories I didn't write (optional: pairings or other details), I'll give you a summary of the nonexistent story.


"According to the Imperial Spoo Chef"

"Londo Mollari and the Death of Civility"

"Technomages - Too Emo for me"
"According to the Imperial Spoo Chef"

Upstairs, the Prime Minister has arrived with a new bodyguard by his side. Downstairs, the servants talk - and no one is considered more of an authority on the scandal than the spoo chef, who has to cook for them both. Londo/G'Kar.

"Londo Mollari and the Death of Civility"

Centuries after Londo Mollari's disasterous reign, academics convene on what becomes ISN's most downloaded program in history to debate the man and his legacy. Fireworks erupt when one historian makes a controversial claim. Londo/G'Kar.

"Technomages - Too Emo for Me"

Vir Cotto was pretty sure he'd never see a technomage again - they did make themselves quite clear when they said they would not return. But when one of his children expresses a serious interest in joining their number, the aging emperor is thrust into the world of magic and illusion once again - and it is not an altogether pleasant affair.

Now that I've written that summary, I'm not sure I would use your title, because that's actually a serious idea. But there you go. ;)
I love it. The third one is especially brilliant! Can I take your comment in tiny text to mean you would consider writing it?
"Vir and Loathing in Las Vegas"
LOL, that's brilliant!
"Vir and Loathing in Las Vegas"

The ostensibly neutral pleasure colony of New Las Vegas is reluctant to allow a group of Centauri businessmen to start their own casino. Emperor Cotto tries to intercede on the group's behalf.


A shampoo shortage at the 4077th nearly leads to a mutiny. Can Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar save the day?

Ha! You thought I'd go for the obvious, didn't you? Though hell, for all I know at this point, this was actually an episode one year. *g*
...and continuing the movie title puns:

Londo Calling

And a BSG Ficlet:

Tighs That Bind Us
"Londo Calling"

Vir wants to serve his ambassador well - even if some of his requests are out of the ordinary. A series of vignettes set in the first season.

And this is being filed in my fanfic100 folder under "Work". *g*

"Tighs That Bind Us"

Pre-apocalypse. Ellen Tigh wants to fly - but she's always pulled back to the swamp. A portrait of a marriage.

And that will be the first Tigh fic I write. *g*
I've been making everybody do the same ones, to see what kind of different fic I get, and adding to it.

Other People's Fic:

In The Market

The Embodyment of Hope

The Last Place

Sleep While I Drive

Conversations With Smith

Kowalski is Bleeding

Reports of my Demise

Song and Movie Titles:

Forrest Gump

Blue Angel

Hotel California

American Woman

Classic Star Trek:

For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

City on the Edge of Forever

Is there in Truth No Beauty?

(Note - do as many or as few as you like)
Okay. I'm still thinking on these, but here are the first few:

"In The Market"

The Nightwatch comes to the Zocalo - and Zack Allen begins to wonder just what he's gotten into.

"The Embodiment of Hope"

Emperor Cotto travels to Narn to finish what Emperor Turhan started.

"The Last Place"

A Narn refugee describes his escape from the Narn homeworld during the second Centauri occupation - and the young Centauri official who made it possible.

The Light from a Dead Star
"The Light from a Dead Star"

After the war, Stark tries to lead his people home.

We waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants it, precious, we does!