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Alike in Dignity- by deadspeaker

RIP Andreas

Submit Material for the Andreas Katsulas Memorial at Universe Today

It's the only thing I can do.

And on a completely off-topic - and happier - note, hugs to the mousie who sent me the yellow rose.


I'll work on a portrait for it, but I might not get it done in time. A great candle has gone out. =\
I have the Be Five album, and was thinking that it might be nice to post Andreas' songs from it for people to hear, with caveats about them going and buying it if they like them. But obviously that's copyright infringement &c - what do you think, oh compiler?
Mm. That might be a little too risky. But I can certainly include a link to a site where they can purchase the album if there is one.
I got mine from Bill Mumy's website here:

It's only $20, and jolly good; if you buy it there, it's autographed by Bill, too. Andreas has two songs, and one lovely bit in "It's Just A TV Show" where he sounds so perfectly G'Kar it always makes me laugh.
This is a wonderful idea. I'll see if I can come up with something.

I've pimped your post in a few places - fandom_lounge on Journalfen, the JumpNow forum - and I hope people will contribute to the memorial.
Wrote my own lj entry, and have you read this tribute?