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Cartagia the Mad- by tiamatschild

A New Years Resolution I Can Keep Without Doing Any Real Work

For 2006, I resolve to be a total genre television whore. *g*

I have already completed or am in the process of watching:

Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Babylon 5
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Stargate: SG-1
Stargate: Atlantis
Battlestar Galactica: 2003
Blake's 7
Early Edition

I have added to my Netflix queue:

The X-Files
Quantum Leap

What am I missing? I challenge you to convince me that I will OMG LOVE your show of choice.


Dark Angel is way fun. It's silly and unbelievable and all about girls-kick-ass, and even though I sometimes think I'm too conservative for any of that kind of thing, I enjoy it way too much. =D

And M*A*S*H, which I'm sure you've already seen. The only reason I'm even remotely interested in watching the later seasons is to see Hawkeye and Margaret get it on. *Grins* Or something.

And then I also really love military dramas. The best of the best is NCIS, but JAG still has a special place in my heart.

And I recall liking 7 Days when I was younger, but I don't know if there's any legal way to get ahold of that. ^^;
I think sabr_matt would be very happy if I started watching Dark Angel. He loooves Jessica Alba. *g*

M*A*S*H is actually on my queue also, but I didn't list it because when I used the term "genre," I was referring primarily to sci-fi/fantasy-ish shows (though of course one can legitimately use "genre" to refer to "military genre," "hospital genre," "mystery genre," etc.).
Veronica Mars is awesome. Often compared to Buffy, Whedon's a fan, first season is awesome.
Ah, but why will I like VM? I'm not inclined to accept things on authority, even if that authority is Joss. *g*
Well, if you did like Buffy there's a good chance you'll like this show - not a lot of superficial similarities but beneath the surface a very similar attitude. It's not a show you're meant to like or just occasionally enjoy but a show that you're supposed to love with every fiber of your being.

Plus, a smart, determined, spunky heroine, fantastically smart mysteries and even smarter solutions. Since you're such a fan of B5's multi-episode structure, you'll certainly enjoy the season-long mystery and the fact that the writers clearly knew the mystery's solution before they started shooting the pilot. The actors are wonderful, and the relationships are real - prickly and complicated. It's an absolutely superb show and I'm sure you'll be in love in no time.

Oh, and if you're going to watch The X-Files, do yourself a favor and don't go past the sixth season. Hell, you could watch the first five seasons and the movie and quit there without missing much except for a few fun episodes in an otherwise mediocre season (sort of like going on to Angel's season 5 for the puppet episode).
Way to eat notifications, Gmail.

Anyway, a lot of good stuff already got covered--the season long myteries are a really big draw, especially in the first season because it's so well done. It has excellent dialogue, lots of really fun banter, and even in the less individually exciting episodes, there's enough development of the overall plot that they're worth watching.
Roswell ~ Angsty teen aliens. Blows Smallville outta the water (except for Lex. mmmmmm Lex). Breakout performances by Nick Wechsler, Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino. Jason Behr is smokin hot. And Colin Hanks is adorable.

Sliders ~ Pros: Very cool idea, written well for the first two seasons, funny tongue in cheek bits. Cons: Jerry O'Connell.

Invisible Man ~ Hilarious and heartbreaking. Subversive and hot.

The Pretender ~ Top secret think tank's prodigy breaks out and experiences the world for the first time. Very cool and cute and heartwarming. Like a Hallmark special with guns and sunglasses and stiletto heels. Yeah, cool.

I'd recommend Now and Again but it's not on DVD yet. :( ~ Sharp as a razor writing, awesome cast, chemistry out the wazoo (whaddaya expect from the guy who created Moonlighting). if you can find it rerunning somewhere lemme know. I think I lost my tapes.
Thanks for the list! I'll do some research and see what looks attractive. *g*
I second Invisible Man (the version that showed on the Sci Fi channel). Very sweet and more dark and complex than it looks on the surface. Lots of strange interdependences, sticky moral quandries and trust issues (of self and others) in a bright candy shell.
Star Trek: Voyager. One word: Janeway. Go forth. I can't tell you why you have to watch, but once you do, you will never turn away, no matter how bad it gets.

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Space: Above and Beyoned!

  • Only one season, so if you don't like it, you won't have wasted too much time;
  • It has some really cool concepts to explore;
  • Kick-ass female characters;
  • Conspiracies and other plotty goodness, whee!

  • Cons:
  • Only one season, and it ends on a mother of a cliffhanger;
  • The DVDs are double-sided, for reasons unknown, which is a pain in the posterior, let me tell you what.

  • Also, if you get the right version of the DVDs, you might see a familiar space station in the menus. <g>

    You've probably heard andrastewhite talk about this, and it really is very good. Also only six episodes, so it won't take up too much time :) The main character is played by Jack Davenport, and it's a proper British cop drama WITH VAMPIRES. Seriously, you have to watch it :)
    Yes! I second that recommendation! ^__^ It's very scarey in a kind of understated way, it's like an inverse-Buffy, and they never once mention the word "vampire".

    Now I'll throw in an extra couple:
    did you ever catch 'Strange Luck'? It was a quirky little series (I think it was only one season, again^^), the main character is named Chance (to match the title), and although nothing mind-blowing it nailed every twist-at-the-end-of-the-episode ending.
    Um, and I have to say 'Doctor Who'...worth trying if you don't mind that it's BBC children's television...because it's the most weird & whimsical science fiction show. Start with the new re-vamped 2005 series, though, 'cos it stars Christopher Eccleston - totally amazing actor, very off-beat & charming as the Doctor. Gotta love that manic grin. 8D
    Sports Night.

    Casey. Dan. Jeremy and Natalie.

    All of the good.

    Oh, and Felicity Huffman.

    Aaron Sorkin. Great writing, great dialogue.

    Yes. Of the Good.
    Veronica Mars
    Freaks and Geeks

    I'm too tired to try and convince you right now, but I think you'll really like these shows.
    I'm very interested to hear what you think about X-Files when you start watching it, but I have to warn you, don't expect any continuity in the mythology episodes. Or character development in the non-mythology episodes. In fact, it's best if you just pretend that the Monster of the Week episodes and the mythology are two different series, especially after the first few seasons.

    As for other shows to watch, I'll second the Invisible Man pimp. I actually made a small pimp post about it a few months ago (I probably still have the episode I mention in my post and can email or yousendit to you if want to check it out). Plus, there's Eberts who is almost as adorable as Vir.

    Pretender is also worth checking out, the second season is especially good and there are few characters that I know you'd love, but unfortunately the show jumps shark in the later seasons when the main story arc becomes too complex and some of the actors aren't good enough to hold their own with the darkening plots.

    Also, have you ever seen Due South? Not quite a genre show - though there are occasional ghosts and other weirs things - but definetely worth watching. One of the cutest shows ever made.
    My fandom of origin: Forever Knight. Seasons 1 & 2 are on DVD, 3 coming out one day....
    Wonderfalls is kind of like Early Edition with snark. And talking souvenir animals instead of a newspaper. It is absolutely wonderful--hilarious and thought-provoking and sweetly romantic in spots--and though I've often had to work hard to get people to watch it, no one's ever not liked it once they did. Tim Minear, who worked right up there with Joss Whedon on Firefly and the Buffyverse, was one of the people in charge of WF. The ensemble cast clearly loved working together, and in that respect it has a Firefly-like vibe to it. It should be punishable by law for FOX to put on a show like that and yank it after four episodes.

    Darker, but intriguing in different ways, is Tru Calling. It took a little longer for that one to draw me in--and I think it, Joan of Arcadia, and Wonderfalls all suffered from having similar premises and appearing in the same season--but it's fun to watch Eliza Dushku in just about anything.

    And I'll second the rec for Strange Luck, if you can get hold of it. It was like EE in that it had a combination of drama, humor, and flat-out angst, and they tried to work some mytharc in as well. But mostly? D.B. Sweeney is fun to watch.
    The newest season of Doctor Who, which is sort of a dead fandom because the last season was sort of self-contained, will be showing on Sci Fi this spring. Very fabulous and complex and British, and simultaneously cheerful and heart-hurty.
    I heard about that and am planning to watch.

    Actually, ages ago, you tried to pimp me into oldskool!Who, but now I can't remember which Doctor you suggested I watch first. Can you refresh my memory?
    Four (aka Tom Baker). Nine (the most recent season) isn't half bad, though!
    You want to get "Sliders" or what there is of it on DVD. The later season (anything after John Rhys-Davies goes away) are not worth much, but the earlier stuff is good old fashioned cheesy sci-fi fun.
    Dr. Who (all of them) Personally I like the older Dr. Whos

    Smallville. Never personally watched it but my mother is obsessed.

    I am surprised no one has mentioned Crusade yet?

    Besides that I think the rest of my Sci-fi list has been taken. I am an SG-1 whore myself.

    If you want a laugh you might want to watch Andromeda. (you know the show with Hercules as the starship captian/commander. That in of itself is enough to make it funny in my opinion.)
    I am surprised no one has mentioned Crusade yet?

    That's because I'm stupid and forgot to list it in my "have watched" list.


    We all have those days.

    Veronica Mars, Bones

    Interesting show, with a number of flaws. I'm very curious to see what your opinion on it would be and I'll save mine for after you have watched this show.

    Also have you had a chance to see Bones? I'm find it is one of the only crime dramas which I enjoy, it takes time out to actually sketch out it's characters something which I rarely seen on most of the drimes slimy crime dramas, dominating the TV schedule these days. You would probably enjoy the character of Boothe and many of the plotlines which tend to swing to the right of center whenever they can.