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Well Read- by icon_see_you

I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

Generally speaking, I don't tutor students who are taking upper-level high school mathematics because, despite the fact that I've taken calculus and university level statistics, I am uncertain of my own memory where these subjects are concerned. Yesterday, however, one of my students, who was there for some help with his Spanish homework, finished early and asked if he could start his Algebra II. "Uh, okay," I said, suddenly feeling out of my depth. "What are you studying?"

As it turns out, I can still long-divide polynomials. Whee! *g*


Unlike me, who can pretty much just do the basic stuff.
No worries. I don't pick my friends because they can do maths. ;)
I'd be minus a few if they did. :)
My dad likes to say that if you can't do differential equations, you're not human. But I think he's kidding - he surely doesn't mean to label his own daughter (who never took that course) as sub-human, does he? *g*
Dad's a mathematician? Of course, not too many people think I'm not quite human anyway...doesn't mean "sub-human"...heh...
Dad's a Naval analyst, actually - and before that, he was a nuke. It's the physics background, I think, that feeds the math bias. *g*
Ah, physics, always with the math. Is he still working in the Navy? He must be close to retirement at this point. At least 20 year if nothing else.
Nope - right now, he's a civ working for a number-crunching think-tank that works for the Navy. He retired at the 20 year mark (which he crossed back when I was in high school).
Ah, ok. Yeah, civilians.
What about civilians?
Hey, believe me, I'm a civilian working for the PHS Commissioned Corps. I know about it. That should have been "yay, civilians". I put an extra letter in. It's nearly 2am and I'm about to fall over.
Okay, then. Apologies, but I was a bit confused. Don't let that keep you from sleep, though. ;)
Naw, I just hate this time of year at work. Promotion boards are coming up so we're getting overrun by morons. I hate my job, but I really hate it this time of year. I come by the GS by blood. Dad worked for the ICC. My sister works for EPA. My brother used to work for USDA. It's in da blood, y'know.
Have you ever thought of escaping?
Yeah, but my field is a really small one. One of those ones where people have to die or retire before you can move up in the ranks. I'd love to go to NARA, but I don't want to do FOIA and that's the only way to get ahead there.

Well, I'm allergic to office jobs myself. I've had them, but I always end up nearly dying of ennui. Even dealing with screaming two-year-olds is preferrable, if still not completely ideal.

Actually, I'll admit it - I'm relatively lazy. Temperamentally, I'm designed to be a trust-fund aesthete. Only my conservative, military upbringing keeps me in line. *g*
I know what you mean. I think they should pay me for just being me and let me do what I want. However, I grew up with a work ethic, too. Our parents drilled us well.

Which reminds me - yay! murrayofchulak is back!
Thank you, thank you. It helps when the SG people start coming out of the woodwork.
Well, I currently have a weird crush on Teal'c, so... yeah.
I almost made a fool of myself to Chris Judge at a con a few years back. I'm just glad I was tongue-tied rather than spitting out what was on the top of my brain.
grey_bard has requested that I do a Post of Teal'c Love, which I'm hoping to complete sometime this weekend. Keep an eye out - it's very likely there will be a silly diagram. *g*
Can't wait to see it!