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From Now On - by twister10


Oh, right, that's why I tend to avoid unfinished fandoms these days: the snap declarations, apropos of nothing, that a show has "jumped the shark."

Now, it's entirely possible that I am simply too trusting, but - perhaps we should reserve our judgment for a bit, hm?

Has anyone considered the religious implications of Roslin's apparent remission? Our Madame President rallied support among the people using a prophecy that spoke of a dying leader. If she is no longer dying, was Roslin wrong to identify herself as that leader in the first place? Is the prophecy itself wrong? How are the religious in the fleet going to react to the news of Roslin's recovery? Will they feel betrayed and misled?

I don't know whether to be amused by or irritated with our premature doom-sayers. When B5 was just getting off the ground, people told JMS to get rid of "the guy with the stupid hair." Five years later, they certainly weren't saying that about Londo anymore. Likewise, BSG is a relatively young serial. We are looking at individual jigsaw puzzle pieces here - not the full plan. And while it's fun to scrutinize each individual piece and float speculations about the future, saying that the show has been "ruined" by this, that, or the other thing sounds like a rather silly final judgment on a work that's not even done.

I'll reiterate: RELAX. Please. At least until a fuller picture is in view and we can truly say that RDM has screwed it up. Believe me, if that day comes, I will gleefully take things apart with the rest of you (see also: my B5 meta).


Re: Exactly


Once upon a time there was kingdom with a king who was known for his lack of a sense of humor. In this kingdom there was a boasting man whose mouth often ran ahead of his brain.

One day, while in his cups, the boasting man claimed that as fine as the horse of the king was, it was not half the horse it would be if the horse belonged to the boasting man. In fact, said slurred the boasting man, if *he* had that horse, the horse would not only be able to dance but to sing, inside of a year.

Unfortunately, the King's (equally humor-deprived) guards were at hand, drinking quietly at another table, and heard the boasting man. When the boasting man woke up the next morning, with a hangover, he was in the castle jail.

When they drug him in front the king, the boast man was asked to "clarify" his remarks. The boasting man, quaking in his boots, could not deny that he had, indeed, coveted the King's horse. For this, he was sentenced to death by beheading.

The boasting man blanched and swallowed, then bravely spoke up again. "My Lord, it is not just that I should be punished for this, for it is a crime that every subject in your kingdom would be guilty of. Everyone would want a horse that sang!"

The king had to admit that this was logical and true - " - leaving aside some tone-deaf louts like my son-in-law. But we are not talking about a horse that sings, you idiot. We are talking about *my* horse."

"But my Lord, it *could* sing, if it only had the right trainer."

"For which I have only your word, and you are not in a position to be trusted."

"Let me offer more conclusive proof, then, my Lord."

"What, you will teach the horse to sing?"

"I swear, my lord, that if you grant me a year to instruct the horse, by the end of that term I shall have taught it to sing."

And so it was decided. The boasting man was assigned the horse ("assigned, not given, you lout") and a small stipend to provide for it, and strict instructions to not leave the kingdom proper ("Not beyond the second mountain range, and don't think we won't be keeping track of you.")

If at the end of the year, the man did not re-appear before the king - with a singing horse - his life was forfeit, plus all his land and crops.

As the boasting man was riding out the city gates (practicing his scales as he went) one of his closest friends came up to him, weeping.

"Why the long face, my friend? Is it not a beautiful day?"

"But, but, I heard the news! The king, the beheading, only a year -"

"Oh, be off with you! Anything can happen in a year. The king might die. The horse might die. *I* might die. And who knows? In a year, perhaps the horse might learn to sing!"

da-dum! The end.

(I told this story first, years back, on the TXF OS board.)

- hg