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From Now On - by twister10


Oh, right, that's why I tend to avoid unfinished fandoms these days: the snap declarations, apropos of nothing, that a show has "jumped the shark."

Now, it's entirely possible that I am simply too trusting, but - perhaps we should reserve our judgment for a bit, hm?

Has anyone considered the religious implications of Roslin's apparent remission? Our Madame President rallied support among the people using a prophecy that spoke of a dying leader. If she is no longer dying, was Roslin wrong to identify herself as that leader in the first place? Is the prophecy itself wrong? How are the religious in the fleet going to react to the news of Roslin's recovery? Will they feel betrayed and misled?

I don't know whether to be amused by or irritated with our premature doom-sayers. When B5 was just getting off the ground, people told JMS to get rid of "the guy with the stupid hair." Five years later, they certainly weren't saying that about Londo anymore. Likewise, BSG is a relatively young serial. We are looking at individual jigsaw puzzle pieces here - not the full plan. And while it's fun to scrutinize each individual piece and float speculations about the future, saying that the show has been "ruined" by this, that, or the other thing sounds like a rather silly final judgment on a work that's not even done.

I'll reiterate: RELAX. Please. At least until a fuller picture is in view and we can truly say that RDM has screwed it up. Believe me, if that day comes, I will gleefully take things apart with the rest of you (see also: my B5 meta).


Warning, SPOILERS in comment!!

What, folks are complaining?

Good fucking grief!

Has anyone looked at the ethical issues, and the way this can blow up when word gets out?

Let's see:
1. Hybrid-baby-cylon blood can cure cancer
2. We have a pregnant cylon on board
3. Using her as a medicine factory is way more severe than cloning or stem cell research
4. What happens when word gets out to the fleet?

and let's not forget what kind of long-term effect that blood might have on Roslyn -- who knows how this is going to change things further down the line. The whole thing opens up so many fascinating possibilities (not to mention the religious one that you brought up!) that I personally can't wait to see how they go with it!

Re: Warning, SPOILERS in comment!!

Has anyone looked at the ethical issues, and the way this can blow up when word gets out?

Apparently not - even though Doc Cottle likely foreshadows the reaction of the fleet when he expresses his distaste for Baltar's treatment and calls it "unnatural." I read that as a big, honkin' hint of RDM's intentions for the future, but I've been well and truly trained. *g*

Re: Warning, SPOILERS in comment!!

I also think that we saw another big, honkin' hint when we saw "The Farm", but few people are putting two and two together yet. How do we defeat the enemy if we become the enemy?

Me, I'm loving the recent stretch of episodes -- the illustration of just how far humans are willing to go in desperate situations, and exactly where that last step before you lose your humanity lies. It's fascinating, and I am so happy that they don't have standards and practices looking closer at what they're doing. I can't imagine half of this stuff getting onto a network show!

Re: Battle Plan B

How do we defeat the enemy if we become the enemy?

Maybe that's how the enemy defeats us.

Re: Battle Plan B

I've been very surprised (and happy!) about the things they're doing, but I'd be REALLY amazed if they were daring enough to take that step! *thinks it's very cool*