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Another Top 5:

For carbonelle:

Top Five Things I’d Change About B5

If I could go back in time:

1) I’d institute a rule whereby someone from the crew would be required to hit JMS over the head with a large brick every time he considers writing a meta-episode (ETA, per selenak's suggestion: using a POV outside of the characters we know and love). The Deconstruction of Falling Stars and A View from the Gallery would cease to exist.

2) More detail on the Earth-Minbari War would be included, and the extent of Delenn’s culpability would be more fully explored. Perhaps the tensest moment of the series would be the scene in which Delenn reveals to her husband some of the specifics of her war-time leadership.

3) In the fifth year, more genuine opposition to Sheridan and the IA would emanate from within the Earth Alliance and elsewhere. The show would not so blithely accept Sheridan’s position as benevolent quasi-king of the universe. Sheridan would instead face the pressures all leaders face in a liberal democracy, which, presumably, he took military action to defend in the first place.

4) The more blatantly obvious historical and literary allusions would be toned down considerably and applied thoughtfully and accurately.

5) Occasionally, I would shuffle the characters around a bit to prevent balkanization and encourage less expected interactions. Vir Cotto and Commander Ivanova live on a five-mile-long space station – you’d think they’d run into each other a little more often. Or, hey, what about G’Kar and Lennier?

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In a meta episode, the writer pulls out of the narrative with the express purpose of reflecting upon his product. Self-referrential episodes do not necessarily have to be terrible, but when they slip into telling us, the viewers, what to think about the author's text, they can be quite awful. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars and A View from the Gallery, alas, were both meta-episodes of this overbearing type. Both suffer from the dead hand of a writer too in love with his primary heroes to recognize that there are other legitimate perspectives within the universe.

Sheridan and Delenn, surely, can be honored on their own merits without JMS pushing things along.