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mistakeworthmaking- by iamsab

Top Ten Signs You're Reading Fic By hobsonphile:

1) It's about Vir.

2) It's under 2000 words.

3) A strong friendship takes center stage.

4) With very, very few exceptions, sex doesn't exist. Or if it does, it's relegated to those moments after the fade-out.

5) Plot? What plot?

6) On the other hand, there is description - if the characters are sitting before a lavish feast, you'll probably be told what the main course smells like.

7) There is also angst. Somebody cries.

8) People blush a lot.

9) Friends touch each other a bit more than is strictly canon. This author likes platonic cuddling.

10) The story may end a little abruptly.

gakked from selenak


8) People blush a lot.

*G* My characters tend to blush a lot too. grey_bard says, "It's how you know you're reading a Moggy fic."
*Roger hugs Vir because Vir can always use a hug.*
You know - yes. That's pretty much you.

I'd do this meme - except I don't KNOW what my style is, and for the most part I'm a pale imitation of astro, anyway.
Bah, you are not. And I can see differences. You're much more of a romantic than I am, f'rinstance. :)
This is true - but really, I think the list would end up looking something like "it shows up three months after it's supposed to" and "you're one of six specific people who've HEARD of her".

I've been in a cynical mood about my work lately - which is maybe why I havn't gotten much done. *sighs*
No plot and yet no sex? You are amazing.

I am *so* stealing this meme.