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A Couple Top 5's

Whittling, whittling, whittling away at the list...

For fondued_jicama:

Five Most Important Things You Own

I’m not pretending to be deep here:

1) Moya, my laptop – my connection to fandom and an additional storage space for my stray thoughts. If Moya and I are separated for any reason, I have more difficulty than I probably should coping with the absence.

2) My Toyota – the thing that allows me to work for a living. And, okay, also a reason I need to work for a living in the first place. *g*

3) My multi-region DVD player – with it, I have access to All the Fandoms of the World.

4) My prednisone prescription – the Sweet, Sweet Candy of Mobility and FunctionalityTM. OMG, I’m such a druggie. *g*

5) The Backpack That Holds the UniverseTM - with it, I can take the aforementioned Moya, the SSCoMaF, and all other essentials to conventions at a moment’s notice. I also plan to take it on my tour across Europe when I finally get around to crossing that off my “Before I Die” list.

For lizamanynames:

Top Five Reasons Stark And Vir Would Make The Perfect Couple

Otherwise known as the “Die, lizamanynames, Die” Top 5:

1) Vir works for Londo Mollari. Inner darkness? Vir’s been there, has done that, and has a really wicked t-shirt. There’s virtually nothing that Stark can do, short of eating babies, that will scare Vir away. Which leads me right into -

2) Though he has a few complexes, Vir is stable. He is so utterly stable, in fact, that the entropy of the universe itself slows down around him. As a lover or a friend, he is a perfect centering influence.

3) Vir and Stark share a patriotic impulse and a passion for social justice. Though the structure of Centauri society – particularly the legality of slavery – would appall Stark, I think he would quickly come to understand and embrace the reformer within Vir. And Vir? Would so totally harbor Banik runaways until the abolition of slavery in the UT’s is accomplished. In sum, I think it would be relatively easy for Vir and Stark to find some common political ground, and such unity of purpose can engender a powerful personal bond as well.

4) Stark probably wouldn’t be afraid of Vir’s tentacles. He’s slept with a meat-eating plant - which suggests to me that alienness will be but a mere mechanical hurdle if the above political/spiritual bond is in place.

5) Vir and Stark also share a rather incredible capacity for devotion. If each manages to tap that capacity in the other, look out!

OMG, I’ve almost convinced myself. Die, lizamanynames, die! *g*

Previous Top 5's can be found here.
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