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An out-of-left-field B5 question

I suppose this could be considered a plot bunny that I'm putting up for adoption. I'm going to cut this for the benefit of andrastewhite, since it deals with the late fourth season episode Rising Star and a certain... peeping Tom:

How do you think G'Kar retrieves his artificial eye after Rising Star? Do you think Sheridan and Delenn might've discovered it? How do you think they might've reacted if they had? Do you think Londo would get involved in this for his own amusement? Do you think Londo's jokes about G'Kar's... inadequacy could play a role?

I have a hunch that the saga of G'Kar's peeping eye would make a hilarious story and I have a hunch that someone might be able to fit slight Londo/G'Kar into it, but I have a whole litter of Trek and B5 bunnies to deal with already. *g*

One thing's for sure- I have come to the conclusion that probably the best way to introduce Londo/G'Kar is to set it in the fifth season and to have it bloom in a competitive setting, with each trying to one-up the other. selenak has shown us the way here with "Truth or Dare," I think. *g*
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